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Best Airports in Canada

Canada is by far the most popular travel destination in the world. With the country’s natural beauty and breathtaking scenery, it sees millions of millions of visitors each year. Not just it is renowned as the best vacation destination, it is also the heart of business industries. Not to mention the enticing sights of the natural wonders the country can offer. Seeing millions of travelers each year the country has the busiest airports causing air traffic to most of some areas of the country. Not that it brings bad impression but each airport offers not just beauty but serving its passengers good quality service.

airports canadaRank through the yearly number of passengers who sees the beauty of the airport, here are the list of best airports in Canada.

Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport – is the famous choice among many passengers. Its terminal doesn’t only deliver good and quality service but also brought an icing to the cake. Its interior is designed to amaze its passengers through the huge collection of Pacific Northwest Native Art and the marvelous sight of the natural lights. Thus the airport does not only bring convenience to its passengers but also bringing amusement to everybody’s eye.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Halifax Stanfield International Airport – it has an outstanding service and great amenities that made it the best airport in Canada. For two years the airport was also America’s best airport. And in the coming years, the airport pledged to bring more great service to its passengers including expansion of its terminals on enthusiasm to adding flights from Europe countries.

Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport – with many activities going on at the airport you will not get bored if you choose to have long layovers at the airport. The airport provides live entertainment with a wide range of choices of shops and restaurants; you would not mind staying long inside the airport. You would also love to stare at the colorful arts put on a show that has livened up the airport’s terminal. It would not be a bad idea on choosing the airport.

Victoria International Airport

Victoria International Airport – with over 150,000 take offs and landings yearly, the airport is the busiest airport in the country. Providing distinctive domestic operations and also serving the major cities of the United States. The airport has been said to complete its development plan on expanding its terminal and adding more taxiways, and creating parking lots and being more accessible through creating more road access on more years to come.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport – the airport is the representation of the saying “Small But Terrible”. Being a small airport doesn’t stop it from serving over 21 destinations across Canada and the United States. There has been a proposal on expanding the airport, but until then the airport will full potentially continue to serve the public.

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport – as the main transportation hub in Manitoba, the commercial airport is also the only gateway of the city to the surrounding provinces and territories. The airport also offers nonstop flights to the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean and to the choice of cities of Canada.

Ottawa Macdonald¬-Cartier International Airport

Ottawa Macdonald¬-Cartier International Airport – is recognized by giving quality services to the passengers. The airport belonged to the list of the best airport in Canada. The airport is the main hub of the regional airline First Air and the focus city of Air Canada. The airport also belongs to the busiest airport in Canada because their flight covers the Eastern Triangle that comprises Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto including the flights to the United States and some other destinations.

Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport – the airline covers the flights from five continents. The airport has over 90 shops and restaurants including the newly built duty-free shop. Consulting flight schedules can never be easy on the newly installed interactive displays that bring convenience to its passengers.

Calgary International Airport

Calgary International Airport – had a great expansion to its international facilities. The airport is anticipating flying more destinations around its region and other territories. The airport is known for its quality service among its passengers and a more new technology for its amenities. The airport also generates electricity and heat to save up more energy.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport – is one of the busiest airports who serve more than 38 million passengers and the major gateway to North America. The airport had set a record of whopping 433 thousand aircraft movements. The airport also serves 155 international destinations, not only mentioning its enormous network of domestic flights. The airline set the record of being the busiest airport in Canada. Amenities include countless stores and restaurants; also you can find great exhibitions. Never mind waiting for your flight or having long layovers because there are many activities inside the airport you can choose from.

Winding through different airports in Canada can be overwhelming. It is your choice to pick which airport you flies or departs. Sometimes mix and matching can be good. To experience which airports serve best and which does not pass through your standards. As a big traveler, it is important you could find a homey airport that could give you convenience every time you fly.

Choices of the best airports may vary but this by far is the best list. Listing for you what the airport can offer and what amenities they have it’ll be easier for you to pick for the best. Finding the best may not only focuses on the beauty of the airport but also finding which airport can help you save on your travel, also being convenient on long layovers. Being able to find and cater what you need especially you are far from home, dealing with even the smallest the issues can help a lot. And the airport that could cater to all your needs can be the best airport. No matter how big or small busy or not, as long as it can handle all the needs of its passengers is by far will be my pick of the best airport.

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