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Top 10 Airlines in Canada

You have found a place you want to go to. You want to travel to a certain destination but airline flights are being too expensive? Don’t let this stop you from going to your dream destination. We’ll find you the best cheap flights deal at the lowest price going to that dream trip you always wanted with any of Canada airlines. Don’t let your budget stop you from traveling somewhere. Being flexible is the key to getting that cheap flights deal.canada airlines

Choosing the Right Destination

Why do you want to travel? Do you want to relax, switch off from work, travel with your mates and reconnect with your loved ones or you just realized that experience is much important than possession? It’s easier to decide where you should go when you know why you are going there.

Now you know what kind of trip you want and you’re in the right frame of mind to start your search for the right flight. Once you already decide where you’re going, the next stage is getting booked. There are many travel booking websites you can choose from. Want to save on your trip? Since the flight fare is one of the biggest parts of your trip expenses, finding that cheap deal can be as much important as finding the right destination.

Booking your Flight

In finding the cheapest flights deal, buy your flight tickets 3 months or 8 weeks in advance when airlines usually offer the lowest deals to fill out the seats on a plane. Book on Sunday or Tuesday, during the early days in a week when airlines offer the biggest bargains on these days. However, it is not guaranteed on all flights. Travelers must eventually check flights prices every day to check if prices fluctuate. allows travelers to check flights prices and can get alerts when a fare drops. Depending on destinations, you may find the best deals if you book on multiple airlines or flying to or from a secondary airport. Some people find it hassle to switch planes but you can get a better bargain on a stop over flights. It is an option for people for values money more than time.

Choosing an Airline

Canada is the world’s second largest country. It has many geographical landscapes making it the traveler’s most attractive destination. It has the most beautiful scenery in its mountainous province

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada and in international airlines. It is the flag carriers of Canada. Baggage fees are typically not included in this airline. It has hub airports at Montréal–Trudeau, Toronto Pearson, Calgary, and Vancouver. Get the cheapest flight deals going anywhere you want in the world.

Air Transat has a headquarters in Montréal–Trudeau. It has a charter airline and scheduled passenger service. Air Transat is the leading travel airline in Canada. It has more than 60 destinations in over 30 countries. Air Transat is a holiday travel specialist and operates mainly in Canada and Europe. Air Transat also adopted an environmental policy in commission to reducing its ecological footprint.

Porter Airlines is a regional airline. And has a hub airport in Billy Bishop Toronto. With its service “the sky is the limit” it has an impeccable service with friendly faces to help your trip. The planes are spacious with full height interior. It has over 15 Canadian and 8 US destinations. Porter Airlines offer you the best of Canada.

Westjet is Canada’s second largest airline after Air Canada. It is founded in 1996.  Westjet has headquarters in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto Pearson. It started as a low-cost carrier as an alternative to all competing major airlines. Westjet operates an average of 425 flights each day.

Delta Airlines was founded in 1924 and is the 6th oldest operating airline. The airline operates 5400 flights daily. It is one of the five remaining legacy carriers. Delta Airlines has onboard amenities like wifi and in-flight entertainment.

Air Canada Express has a sub airport in Calgary, Vancouver, Halifax Stanfield International Airport and Toronto Pearson. Air Canada Express operates approximately 728 flights to over 70 destinations. Air Canada Express operates flights on behalf of Air Canada as a contract carrier.

Jazz is formally a Jazz Aviation LP. It is a regional and a charter airline. Jazz operates as a part of Air Canada Express. It has sub airport in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto Pearson and Montréal–Trudeau. It is Canada’s 3rd largest airlines. Its operation serves 79 destinations in United States and Canada. All Jazz flights offer a complementary hot and cold beverage, with alcoholic beverage.

Northwestern Air is based on Fort Smith. Northwestern Air operates scheduled passenger service to 9 destinations.  Undertaking cargo and charter flights throughout Canada and United States Of America. Established as a leasing company in 1965, it started its flying operations on 1968 and expanded to scheduled passenger operations in 1984.

Sky Regional Airlines was the first to adopt the electronic Flight Bag airline in Canada. Sky Regional Airlines has sub airport in Toronto Pearson International Airport, Ontario, and Missisauga, Canada. Sky Regional Airlines offer daily flights between Toronto Island and Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport last May 2011. The airline has been very active introducing new technology in its every operation.

Skylink Aviation has headquartered Toronto Pearson. Skylink Aviation operates cargo and charter feeder flights throughout Canada and United States of America. The airline was founded in February 1994.

In order to keep up to date on deals and bargains offered by airlines, you can sign up for newsletters. Every week, mostly two times a week Airlines email flight offers and last minute cheap flight deals for flights in a month’s time.

It is much easier to book online. This will not be an issue for a computer savvy consumers. But to those who are not, there is a lot of travel booking websites available online. Passengers can easily browse on online websites to search for the cheapest departure and return flights. You can also rely on travel booking agencies to book your flight. Now you have a certain destination to go to. Book it now!

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